Real Chess

Real Chess

There is a large audience of chess lovers and fans all over the world. So my friends, today we will meet your requests we offer the best online chess game for Android 2019.

Game overview:

Real Chess is one of the best online chess games with many players from all over the year. The game also gives you another option, the Artificial Intelligence Interface, which you can determine its difficulty to meet and test your intelligence in game.

This board game is characterized by its difficulty and strong challenges. If you feel smart and love the challenges, I advise you to play this game to sharpen your chess skills and also to have fun and at the same time developmental skills through this kind of game.

Game Features:


  • The game features as 3D chessboard.
  • Over a million players from around the world are registered in the game.
  • Possibility to open chat with opponents while playing.
  • Artificial intelligence has more than 2,400 levels of difficulty.
  • View hints and laws for beginners.
  • Different nice table themes to reduce the boring ratio.
  • The possibility of choosing the dimensions of the game, whether three-dimensional or two-dimensional.
  • Possibility to flip the phone screen and play normally without problems.

Game Information:

  • The game size: 40M.
  • The game required android: 4.1 and up.

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