PUBG MOBILE is an amazing game that you should try. In this game, players struggle to survive and eliminate through strategy and skill. In the end, the last survivor will be the winner. With a wide range of weapons to earn able to defend yourself, in the transformation of different vehicles enjoy in their homes and places try to resort and do different things just try to survive another one of this is alive!


PUBG Full name is PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds or PUBG. In short, the game is a multiplayer battle involving different players from around the world via the Internet, and in each game 100 players drop to a map filled with different tools and weapons and then fight each other until everyone dies and survive one person or one team (in the style of teams).

PUBG MOBILE is a wonderfully adapted version of the original gamePLAYERUNKNOWN’S BATTLEGROUNDS. Like the original game, allows you to enjoy lots of gameplay modes: single, duo, or unit mode. If you play with some friends, you can talk to them using your device’s microphones.

Game features:

  • friends to collaborate in group battles with the ability to use voice chat.
  • Drive a car to escape from their enemies or wait for your enemies.
  • Ensure a pleasant and fair environment for players.
  • Add a new zombie mode.
  • Add a new snowy area to the Erangel map.
  • Dynamic weather “variable” in Erangel and Desert maps.
  • Go down Vikendi snow map formally and drag the beta map.
  • Restoring old voices in chat.
  • MK 47 Mutant rifle, PP-19 Bizon, G36C.
  • Laser addition of weapons.
  • Add the Death Cam feature to detect the cheaters in the game (a video is recorded that allows you to watch the moment of killing you from the other player and make a report if you suspect that he uses any tool to cheat).
  • A new three-wheeled vehicle “Tuk Tuk”.

Game Information:

  • Game Size: 45MB
  • Requires Android: 4.3 and up
  • Installs: 100,000,000+


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