Forge of Empires APK

Forge of Empires APK

What we will talk about today is a game called Forge of Empires APK where this game focuses mainly on construction and not wars and fighting, but there are some fighting and confrontations.

Game overview:

 The vast majority of lovers of strategic games play online strategy games because of the thrill of making alliances and friends through the game. The most famous example is the famous game Clash of Clans. Which we will not talk about today, but we will talk about one of the best Bdlhaha and one of its strong competitors on the iPhone.

 This game will begin to develop your city from scratch due to the Stone Age, where there are no power tools for making objects and heavy jars. But with time and development, you will notice your ability to build and evolve constantly. It begins to create a powerful empire. You can also share resources with friends and neighbors, steal, or face off with weapons.

Game Features:


  • The ability to build and evolve during different ages.

  • Develop constructive abilities among your people.

  • Collecting supplies and resources from other lands.

  • Discover some new places and control them.

  • The ability to negotiate with people close to your kingdom to seek supplies and resources.

  • Play the game online with everyone from all over the world.

  • The game graphics are very cool.

  • The size of the game does not exceed 180 MB.

  • Very impressive visual and sound effects.

Game Information:

  • The game size: 90MB.

  • The game required android: 4.1 and up.

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