Captain Tsubasa APK

Captain Tsubasa APK

Who did not like Captain Tsubasa famous cartoon character and rich in definition, which appeared for the first time starting in the eighties and nineties, after the proliferation and fame is very large and that the famous cartoon series was able to achieve, the Japanese company KLAB created a Captain Tsubasa APK for smartphones running Android versions or any OS.


Game overview:

Captain Tsubasa APK is also available in many languages of the world, most notably Japanese, Italian, Spanish, English, Arabic, German and French, which are based or tell the story of a player who loves playing football and he and his team strive to achieve successive victories to win tournaments, when you merge with the game you will feel like you are already playing on the ground

Captain Tsubasa APK Captain Tsubasa APK Captain Tsubasa APK

Captain Tsubasa Dream Team is based on building a dream team. This will be through the selection and construction of a team and training and participation in the game, and during the game you will find someone who guides you to what you need to do and do, where the game Captain Tsubasa consists of several runs after the end of each half will be told you so you have to be responsible and to win And for your team members.

Game Features:

  • Intensive and excellent training for players will help them win.
  • A mentor or teacher will help you to pass tasks and how to train.
  • Quests and abilities closer to reality, will make you feel like you are playing a real game.
  • All Captain Cartoon characters are available in the game.
  • With Captain Tsubasa for Android, you will be able to train the team and improve their physical abilities.
  • Captain Tsubasa is characterized by the accuracy of graphic design, designs and colors consistent.

Game Information:

  • The game size: 59MB.

  • The game required android: 4.4 and up.

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